Install: Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager (GTM) Instructions

From your Google Tag Manager dashboard select New Tag.

Select Tag Configuration and then under Choose Tag Type scroll down and select Custom HTML.


Copy and paste your unique Notafication installation code to the HTML box on Google Tag Manager, you can find your Notafication code by navigating to Your Dashboard > Install or by clicking here.

Install Notafication

Your code should look like the below on Google Tag Manager.


Scroll down the page and select Triggering.


Select All Pages.


Name your tag (if you want) and select Save.

GTMFinally, ensure that you Submit changes to your new tag on the dashboard of Google Tag Manager.



After you have installed the code on your website you can visit the installation page and next to Installation History select the Refresh button. If you have installed your code correctly you will see a green tick () and the word Installed next to your domain name.


Refresh Install History


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